National Archive

We hope every parish with original church kneelers will want to enter them on this website together with as much information about each kneeler – and your church – as possible.  We would like the website to be as interesting for local history as for its kneelers.

It takes about an hour to photograph a hundred kneelers.  If this makes your heart sink, just photograph your ten favourites – you can always send us more later.

First steps

Ideally, you will have a digital camera and access to Photoshop or similar.

  1. Photograph your kneeler
  2. In Photoshop, go to IMAGE to crop your photograph
  3. Still in IMAGE, go to RESIZE
  4. Click on IMAGE SIZE
  5. Enter 640 in the WIDTH box and select PIXELS (not per cent)
  6. Click on OK
  7. Go to FILE and click on SAVE AS and either give your kneeler a name or use the photograph number
  8. Click on SAVE
  9. Click on OK

NOTE  Before you can enter your kneelers on the website, we need to know that we have the permission of your rector, vicar or priest-in-charge.  Have you ever filled out a passport application form?  If so, you will find entering your kneeler information is a doddle in comparison.

Go to CONTACT US, and give us your name and contact details and also the name and address of your parish and the name and contact details of your rector, vicar or priest-in-charge.  Once we have permission, we will contact you with the LOGIN details.