Margaret Hodge, Chair of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, boycotts Amazon because of its “aggressive” tax avoidance.  According to press reports, Amazon pays a mere £3.2 million in tax on overall UK sales of £4.2 billion.  Internet book suppliers that pay full British taxes on sales include:

But if all else fails, try:

Most of the best books – see below – are, alas, out of print.  Good luck with your  searches.

A Picture Book for Kneeler Makers  
By Joan Edwards, Batsford Books, 1984. Still the best book on kneeler-making. PURCHASE HERE

Historical Designs for Embroidery: Linen and Cross Stitch  
For a vast variety of border and other designs, Historical Designs for Embroidery:Linen and Cross Stitch, by Louisa Pesel, printed in 1956, is unsurpassed.

The Embroidery Stitch Bible  
The Embroidery Stitch Bible is a comprehensive guide to all stitches used in canvaswork as well as in all other types of embroidery.

The New World of Needlepoint 
For rapidly-worked decorative stitches for the sides of the kneeler, there is no better book with its 101 different stitches than The New World of Needlepoint by Lisbeth Perrone, printed in 1972.

Rugs and Carpets of the World 
An inexhaustable source of design ideas can be found in Rugs and Carpets of the World by Ian Bennett.

Books of Alphabets, Motifs and Borders  
Brenda Keyes. Out of print and hard to find, but excellent.

Samplers from the Fitzwilliam Museum 
Many find ideas for figures, lettering, plants, etc, in samplers.  This booklet is both excellent and – hooray – in print.