Church kneelers at

Bishops Palace

Winchester, Hampshire

Church kneelers and cushions for the Chapel were commissioned by Bishop Theodore Woods from Louisa Pesel, President of the Embroiderers Guild.  They are geometrical in design, of muted colours and many with ornamental cords and tassels.  They so impressed Dean Gordon Selwyn that in 1931 he asked her to to organise the refurbishment of the Cathedral Quire cushions and kneelers.

Louisa Pesel brought in her friend Sybil Blunt as designer, and the magnificence of the subsequent embroideries owes everything to Sybil Blunt.  Louisa Pesel’s contribution was that of a vigorous organiser, recruiting and training the volunteer embroiderers.

The Palace Chapel is not open to the public, but Sybil Blunt’s designs can be admired in the Cathedral Quire and Louisa Pesel’s designs in the Cathedral’s Epiphany Chapel.