Church kneelers at

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford, Herefordshire

Church kneelers and cushions here are among the finest examples of canvaswork in British churches.

The first eleven thumbnails show the cushions in the Chancel stalls of the various Cathedral office holders.  The next three are for the lay clerks with the geometrical designs taken from some of the surrounding stone carvings .  Then there are the enchanting long kneelers for the young choristers showing local birds, animals and reptiles: the designer, Daphne Nicholson, said these were intended to be cheerful and to be fun for the children.  Finally, the cushions show coats of arms for Bishops from 1096.

The Lady Chapel cushions are in blue because of the colour’s association with the Virgin Mary.  Geometrical designs are matched with images of fruits and nuts connected with Herefordshire orchards.